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Intelligent Advisor Hub Authoring Decision Services #3

In this third part of our series looking deeper into the subject of Hub Authoring (the previous post is here) , we will cover the subject of Object Lists. Now, coming from Oracle Policy Modeling one might be...Continue Reading

Hub Authoring #2 – Intelligent Advisor New Feature

Hub Authoring #2 – Intelligent Advisor New Feature

Many readers showed great interest in the previous article on this subject : Intelligent Advisor New Feature : Hub Authoring, so we are back for a second look - more deep-dive into the new features and some bigger-picture...Continue Reading

Sneak Peek : Web Authoring – Modules

Sneak Peek : Web Authoring - Modules Having recently installed an Oracle Policy Modeling 19A platform, in an On Premise / Private Cloud scenario, I proceeded, as per usual, to dig around and see what was new behind...Continue Reading

The OPA Hub Mug 2019 Edition

The OPA Hub Mug It's here! The unique OPA Hub Mug, featuring our specially designed mascot in full color. This chunky and reliable mug will help you as you pull an all-night policy authoring session, and will impress...Continue Reading

Video : Intelligent Advisor Decision Services #1

What with all the different things going on at the moment - both personally and professionally - for most people right now, I realize that it is not always easy to find the time to read lots of...Continue Reading

Intelligent Advisor New Feature : Decision Services

Join us today as we investigate a new feature (much-signposted and much-heralded in the previous 12 months) that crept into Intelligent Advisor 20C monthly release 2. The Intelligent Advisor New Feature we are talking about, and that we...Continue Reading

21B : Policy Modeling can now reference Web Authored Decision Services

This new feature - which is such a big one that we felt it deserved it's own article - allows the developer of Projects to leverage the Web Authoring functionality to create a Decision Service of some kind,...Continue Reading

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