Ask Me Anything Online Event – 15th February 2023

In the spirit of “Ask Me Anything” and our sister website Siebel Friday events, this year in 2023 we will be running “Ask Me Anything” events online – your chance to ask a question, share a thought, describe a scenario, showcase your talent or just chat about Oracle Intelligent Advisor.

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The event is free, will be recorded and placed on YouTube if anyone turns up, for others to read / watch whenever they want. This kind of event works best if we have some idea of what the subjects are going to be, and who will be joining – so we can share the details with the attendees in advance.

We will alternate the times of the event in future months to take into account the large number of Oracle Intelligent Advisor fanatics in Oceania. Our goal is to run one of these Ask Me Anything events approximately every two months. If all goes well, we will also run a “Live” event from Las Vegas at CloudWorld 2023. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First, let’s see if people are interested.

This event is in Eastern Standard Time – 08:30 AM , which is 14:30 UK time and 15:30 Central Europe.


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Richard Napier

Author: Richard Napier

After 8 years in case management and ERP software roles, Richard Napier joined Siebel Systems in 1999 and took up the role of managing the nascent Siebel University in Southern Europe. He subsequently was Director of Business Development and Education for InFact Group (now part of Business & Decisions) for 8 years. He now runs Intelligent Advisor IT Consulting OÜ. Owner of, he also is Co-Founder of the Siebel Hub.

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