Back to Basics 7 – Interview Styles

Back to Basics 7 – Interview Styles

This episode looks at something that crops us regularly in workshops or training sessions with Oracle Policy Automation. What can we do to make the interview more unique , more like my website, more modern? You name it, you can insert plenty of other things in there – most people will recognize the sort of discussions I’m sure.

All too often the next step appears to bring in web specialists. I’m not against that at all, in fact quite the opposite, but only at the point where it becomes necessary, because we cannot achieve what the customer is asking without it.

There does not need to be a lot of Cascading Style Sheet manipulation on every project – because there are a host of options that can be managed from inside the Oracle Policy Modeler application and that will result in a custom style being written for you, but without the need for actual CSS editing.

The Styles Dialog is perfectly good for a lot of basic groundwork. It’s great that so many different things can be adjusted so quickly without resorting to customization.

OPA 12 Interview Styles Dialog

Bare Metal

In fact one of the things I like most about the Interview is the ability to strip right back to a minimalist look and feel, which is great for focusing the minds present on the actual business rules and not the gadgets. My own favorite thing is to strip off the extra styling on the radio buttons, calendar and drop-downs. These controls are already lightly styled out of the box. Compare the following.

This is the standard look and feel and the bare metal side by side:

Notice the difference. The custom sprites have been removed from the radio buttons and the other controls have had similar treatment. This is controlled by one option in the file. This file can be found if you go to the Styles dialog and click the Custom Files… button on the bottom left corner, then accept the warning. To activate the option you will need to remove the “#” on the following line.

OPA 12 Interview Styles Appearances ExtractThe file contains so many useful options that I am glad you have found it!

Have fun until next time.


Richard Napier

Author: Richard Napier

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