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If you are ordering code examples, you will find them (once you have checked out and completed the payment of your shopping cart) in your Profile page, which is at the top of the page where you can see My Purchases. Most downloads are valid for 90 days, and many of them are regularly updated / are offered in several different versions in case you are using an older version.

If you are buying physical products such as mugs, clothing and other items, then you will be redirected to Zazzle to complete the transaction. Shipping and Taxes will be applied in line with your delivery address.

Finally if you are purchasing Books, then your shopping cart will be redirected to our Publisher P8 Tech to complete the transaction. On their site you will have the choice to buy traditional, eBook or Kindle formats, and you can choose from several different stockists depending on where you are based in the world.

Thank you for helping the Website – everything you purchase goes towards keeping the server running. Please accept our thanks for your participation.

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