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Whats New in Oracle Intelligent Advisor 22A – Article and Video

This week saw the public release of the newest version of Oracle Intelligent Advisor following the typical Oracle Cloud release scheme. Oracle Intelligent Advisor 22A, as it is known, hit the demo pods a while back and is...Continue Reading

Creating an Array of Calculated Attribute Values for display in a single Label Extension

When working with situations where there are lots of calculated attributes that are generated, for example, from a simple set of data entry items (think of entering 3 or 4 attribute values that you then use to calculate...Continue Reading

Intelligent Advisor 21A Monthly Update 2 (Again!)

The online documentation does not always get updated exactly when the release updates are pushed out, so these two nuggets were missed off in our other posts about 21A which you can find here, here and here!. Now,...Continue Reading

Intelligent Advisor Books on Amazon and Kindle

For the first time, the Consultants Guide to Oracle Intelligent Advisor is available directly from Amazon (UK, US, DE, FR etc) in both paper and Kindle format. This means that you can take the Consultants Guide to Oracle...Continue Reading

Consultants Guide to JavaScript Extensions for Oracle Policy Modeling 2021

The latest release of the book that was formerly known as JavaScript Extensions for Oracle Policy Modeling has hit the virtual shelves. For the time being it is only available in eBook format and can only be ordered...Continue Reading

Interview.fetch() Example with a Promise

Here is a very simple JavaScript Interview Extension that uses the new interview.fetch() capability to get data from an external service. The JavaScript code uses a Promise to enable the asynchronous handling of the request. For the demonstration...Continue Reading

Pay-As-You-Go Access to PDF for Intelligent Advisor

We are happy to annouce the arrival of three new Pay-As-You-Go Access products in our Store, that aim to respond to the growing demand for time-based access to the materials on this site. We have introduced today three...Continue Reading

Consultants Guide to Oracle Intelligent Advisor 2021 Bundle

We've just launched another piece of our online learning program : the Consultants Guide to Oracle Intelligent Advisor 2021 Bundle. This comprises : The new book in PDF format (500 pages)All 22 videos based on various chapters of...Continue Reading

Whats New in 20D : Perform web service calls within an interview and more

Amongst the new features that made it into the last of the releases for 2020 (and what a year it has been) was a concept that was teased in the Product Strategy meeting in November : Web Service...Continue Reading

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