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From the Archives : Telephone Input with Flags

This little code example comes from the Consultants Guide to JavaScript Extensions for Oracle Policy Modeling. There are 70 (!) code Zips provided with complete examples in the book. This one is so often requested that as a...Continue Reading

Artificial Intelligence Services at no cost for Oracle Intelligent Advisor Demos

See! Here at we too can write articles about Artificial Intelligence Services (for example, our sister site Siebel Hub has been experimenting with the OCI AI Services.) Since the rest of Internet is now completely overrun with...Continue Reading

control.setError() Method and control.validateTextInput()

Only a few weeks ago we were discussing the seemingly undocumented and unsupported extension type called customValidation. Whilst reading the documentation online, we can across a couple of other validation-related items that could prove to be extremely useful....Continue Reading

Page Error Handling – Oracle Policy Modeling

Warning : This article contains undocumented and unsupported information about Custom Page Errors. Well, if you got this far you are either the Oracle Intelligent Advisor equivalent of Indiana Jones, or you just don't care. But I do...Continue Reading

Custom Options Extension – That isn’t a Custom Options Extension

In a recent article, we discussed using the REST API of an external application (in this case, Oracle B2C Service) to retrieve information to display in a Custom Options Extension. As regular readers will know, one of the...Continue Reading

Guest Contribution – Styling Radio Button Values Styling Extension

Once again we are grateful to the community that reads this site because reader Annie Fisher from Australia has been kind enough to share with us an example of a Custom Input Extension. Hers is an interesting scenario....Continue Reading

Reinventing the Signature Control in Oracle Intelligent Advisor (again)

Following on from the article last week concerning Reinventing the Signature Control , a reader from Australia was kind enough to ask if the "extension based" Signature had all the features of the original one. I was about...Continue Reading

Creating an Array of Calculated Attribute Values for display in a single Label Extension

When working with situations where there are lots of calculated attributes that are generated, for example, from a simple set of data entry items (think of entering 3 or 4 attribute values that you then use to calculate...Continue Reading

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