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Video : Entity Container Extensions with Oracle Intelligent Advisor

This article looks at the basic mechanics of Entity Container Extensions in Oracle Policy Modeling. This is the latest in our series about JavaScript Extensions. Here are the links to the other chapters for reference: Introduction to Label...Continue Reading

How to sell Oracle Intelligent Advisor #1

Knowing how to sell Oracle Intelligent Advisor (to your boss, to your company, to your colleagues or even to yourself) is key to a successful implementation - if nobody knows why they need Oracle Intelligent Advisor, nor what...Continue Reading

7 Ideas to supercharge Oracle Intelligent Advisor Adoption

What do we mean by Oracle Intelligent Advisor adoption ? The ability of Oracle Intelligent Advisor to become a strategically useful, appreciated part of the company / organization landscape once acquired. This article details some of the things...Continue Reading

Intelligent Advisor Chat Service and Digital Assistant

As many of you are no doubt aware, the fantastic world of Oracle Intelligent Advisor has aligned in recent times (starting, if my memory is correct in 19B) with the equally amazing world of Oracle Digital Assistant. This...Continue Reading

Intelligent Advisor and Siebel 21

Intelligent Advisor and Siebel 21 This is the introductory article to this series - Note : If you are looking to go straight to the deep-dive series of tutorials : they start in part two here. The world...Continue Reading

Continuous Delivery – OPA and Postman, Newman and Jenkins #1

For the first time in a while I was working to set up an example platform for testing purposes. Whilst a good portion of it is not specific to Oracle Policy Automation / Intelligent Advisor, it seemed both...Continue Reading

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