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Mixed Mode Interviews in Oracle B2C Service – Logged in or Not?

Mixed Mode Interviews in Oracle B2C Service – Logged in or Not?

If you ever have the scenario that an interview needs to be available to both logged-in Customer Portal users and non-logged people who just swing by, then the combination of Oracle B2C Service and Oracle Intelligent Advisor has...Continue Reading

Batch Assess Performance Statistics – in Praise of Postman

Working with the Oracle Intelligent Advisor Batch Assess Service capability means that like all mass-throughput engines and decision automation, you are interested (not to say obsessed) by the performance of the batch. Given that you are probably, by...Continue Reading

Oracle Intelligent Advisor and Salesforce – Integration Comparison Matrix

At the end of this article we will discuss a summary of the different challenges that await anyone considering integrating Salesforce with their Oracle Intelligent Advisor. Many of these points are part of the analysis of any Connector...Continue Reading

Salesforce and Oracle Intelligent Advisor #2

Following on from this earlier post about Salesforce and Oracle Intelligent Advisor using the Koltevate Sofia integration, now that you have seen how simple it is to install the integration (with no integration server to learn and no...Continue Reading

Salesforce and Oracle Intelligent Advisor

Recently I've been involved in a number of Oracle Intelligent Advisor projects where the core customer experience platform was Salesforce. It is not surprising that customers who choose to use this CX platform turn to Oracle Intelligent Advisor...Continue Reading

Intelligent Advisor 21A Monthly Update 2 (Again!)

The online documentation does not always get updated exactly when the release updates are pushed out, so these two nuggets were missed off in our other posts about 21A which you can find here, here and here!. Now,...Continue Reading

Interview.fetch() Oracle B2C Service Cloud REST API

Thanks must go to Oracle Intelligent Advisor guru and web site supporter AH for the idea for this post. This site has written many articles on the relatively new subject of the Interview Fetch capability. Here is...Continue Reading

Intelligent Advisor and Siebel 21 #6 : Enumeration

This article about Enumerations follows in the footsteps of the five other parts to this series: IntroductionMetadata Services and LoadSubmitCheckpointsExecuteQuery This (hopefully) final part of our series discussing Intelligent Advisor and Siebel 21 covers something that can be...Continue Reading

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