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Intelligent Advisor Forms #2 :

This is the second part (first part here) of the article about novel ways to create PDF files in Oracle Intelligent Advisor. In the previous article, we looked at an alternative to creating text-heavy PDF files, Anvil. We...Continue Reading

Video : Options Extension for Interviews in Intelligent Advisor

In the third of our ongoing series (custom Labels was the first part, custom Inputs the second part) , the video at the end of this article tries to give a good overview of what a custom Options...Continue Reading

Intelligent Advisor Forms #1 : Anvil

OK, this post about Intelligent Advisor Forms is a bit of a weird one. But it comes about because of a series of discussions with an esteemed confrere on this subject. As we know, Oracle Intelligent Advisor comes...Continue Reading

Interview.fetch() Oracle B2C Service Cloud REST API

Thanks must go to Oracle Intelligent Advisor guru and web site supporter AH for the idea for this post. This site has written many articles on the relatively new subject of the Interview Fetch capability. Here is...Continue Reading

Certification / Intelligent Advisor – 5 Sites you don’t need

Certification / Intelligent Advisor – 5 Sites you don’t need

Forgive the clickbait title, but this article is based on our own experiences surfing the Internet this very day. We had a simple idea : find resources to prepare someone for the certification exam relating to Oracle Intelligent...Continue Reading

Intelligent Advisor and Siebel 21 #6 : Enumeration

This article about Enumerations follows in the footsteps of the five other parts to this series: IntroductionMetadata Services and LoadSubmitCheckpointsExecuteQuery This (hopefully) final part of our series discussing Intelligent Advisor and Siebel 21 covers something that can be...Continue Reading

Intelligent Advisor Books on Amazon and Kindle

For the first time, the Consultants Guide to Oracle Intelligent Advisor is available directly from Amazon (UK, US, DE, FR etc) in both paper and Kindle format. This means that you can take the Consultants Guide to Oracle...Continue Reading

Intelligent Advisor interviews for Oracle Digital Assistant – Seeding Interviews

In the final part of this article, we're going to look at a couple of big ideas that make it a bit easier to get your head around the integration between Oracle Digital Assistant and Oracle Intelligent Advisor....Continue Reading

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