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Internationalization – Beyond the Globe in Oracle Intelligent Advisor

A recent discussion on the Oracle Intelligent Advisor Forum (see this thread) touched once again on the subject of multilingual interviews and Internationalization. Most of us will have come across the Travel Compensation interview from the Example Projects...Continue Reading

 Drag and Drop – Ask Me Anything April 2023 #2

 Drag and Drop – Ask Me Anything April 2023 #2

And so we return to finish the example from last time, the drag and drop educational scenario. As we left it, the basics were in place but there is still a fair amount of work to be done...Continue Reading

Creating Instances of an Inferred Entity

This is a design pattern I've seen quite a lot. It tries to answer the challenge of wanting to let users create many instances of an Inferred Entity quickly, without having to keep clicking the add or remove...Continue Reading

OIA is just an expensive form builder, right? Google Forms will do the job!

How many times have we heard this in respect of Oracle Intelligent Advisor? Well, if truth be told probably not that many, but the underlying comment or opinion is one that often "pops up" in discussions. So this...Continue Reading

Google recaptcha – Another Captcha alternative for Oracle Intelligent Advisor

A long time ago we discussed the use of hCaptcha as an alternative to the built-in version. In this article we return to the subject and look at using the Google transparent recaptcha. The basic idea, as always,...Continue Reading

Page Error Handling – Oracle Policy Modeling

Warning : This article contains undocumented and unsupported information about Custom Page Errors. Well, if you got this far you are either the Oracle Intelligent Advisor equivalent of Indiana Jones, or you just don't care. But I do...Continue Reading

The Hidden JavaScript Extension – customValidation

Now obviously with a click-bait title like this, you have to accept that what is in this article is not documented and therefore not supported in any way. But I figured that you maybe would be interested by...Continue Reading

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