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Internationalization – Beyond the Globe in Oracle Intelligent Advisor

A recent discussion on the Oracle Intelligent Advisor Forum (see this thread) touched once again on the subject of multilingual interviews and Internationalization. Most of us will have come across the Travel Compensation interview from the Example Projects...Continue Reading

OpenAI, a Large Language Model Demonstration with Oracle Intelligent Advisor

If you have not already read the recent blog article by Davin Fifield (just a reminder for those wondering, Davin Fifield is responsible for intelligent automation capabilities within Oracle's CX Service suite. He has over 20 years experience...Continue Reading

Artificial Intelligence Services at no cost for Oracle Intelligent Advisor Demos

See! Here at we too can write articles about Artificial Intelligence Services (for example, our sister site Siebel Hub has been experimenting with the OCI AI Services.) Since the rest of Internet is now completely overrun with...Continue Reading

Whats New in Oracle Intelligent Advisor 23C Monthly Updates 1 and 2

As usual, I step away from the keyboard and go off presenting in the Applications Unlimited 2023 Roadshow series, and just as I do that, a whole set of useful updates appears. Here is the brief rundown on...Continue Reading

The Question of Templates in Oracle Intelligent Advisor

In many CRM systems, we come across the idea of templates for certain kinds of data. Say you are creating Incidents or Service Requests, and you find yourself doing many of them, and many of the fields are...Continue Reading

Securing Interviews with Oracle Identity Cloud Service

For the first time in a long while we had cause to set up a demonstration of this feature. It allows the customer to create "secured" Workspaces which contain Interviews, that can only be accessed by a securely...Continue Reading

From the Forum : Remainder Doesn’t Work (Anywhere!)

Ever wondered why Oracle Intelligent Advisor, and a myriad of other applications, don't calculate remainders properly? The Forum recently hosted a question about Remainder() errors that allowed us, in the response, to detail just why it does not...Continue Reading

From the Forum : Default Values to Make Concatenation Happen

Another snippet from our work in the Forum (since we are on vacation this week) to fill your days with Oracle Intelligent Advisor goodness. The question this time relates to the failure of a concatenation when one of...Continue Reading

From the Forum : Grouping Data into Meaningful Segments

Since we're away for a little bit of a late summer break, to keep you in the swing of things and fed with Oracle Intelligent Advisor "stuff" here is a nice use case and solution from the Oracle...Continue Reading

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