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Intelligent Advisor 21A Monthly Update 2 (Again!)

The online documentation does not always get updated exactly when the release updates are pushed out, so these two nuggets were missed off in our other posts about 21A which you can find here, here and here!. Now,...Continue Reading

Intelligent Advisor Forms #2 :

This is the second part (first part here) of the article about novel ways to create PDF files in Oracle Intelligent Advisor. In the previous article, we looked at an alternative to creating text-heavy PDF files, Anvil. We...Continue Reading

Whats new in Intelligent Advisor 21A Monthly Update 2

Intelligent Advisor 21A Monthly Update 2 : As we roll round the calendar heading into the Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere and Spring in the North, the Oracle Intelligent Advisor team has once again been hard at work...Continue Reading

Intelligent Advisor Forms #1 : Anvil

OK, this post about Intelligent Advisor Forms is a bit of a weird one. But it comes about because of a series of discussions with an esteemed confrere on this subject. As we know, Oracle Intelligent Advisor comes...Continue Reading

Whats new in Intelligent Advisor 21A Monthly Update 1

Just when you put your pen down and think, that's it for another few weeks, along comes Oracle Intelligent Advisor with some cracking new content in the latest monthly release. It is dated March 9th 2021 and it...Continue Reading

Intelligent Advisor Chat Service and Digital Assistant

As many of you are no doubt aware, the fantastic world of Oracle Intelligent Advisor has aligned in recent times (starting, if my memory is correct in 19B) with the equally amazing world of Oracle Digital Assistant. This...Continue Reading

Intelligent Advisor and Siebel 21 #2

Serendipitously, this week has seen the office filled with Siebel 21 and Intelligent Advisor technical discussions and installations. So the time is right to continue on from the post a few weeks ago. So let's reset the clock...Continue Reading

Intelligent Advisor 20D – Monthly Update 2 What’s New

Intelligent Advisor 20D – Monthly Update 2 What’s New

Slightly confusingly the second monthly update of release 20D of Intelligent Advisor landed on 19th January 2021. Since I'm since having trouble remembering to write 2021 instead of 2020, that's OK with me! The second monthly release has...Continue Reading

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