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Intelligent Advisor Forms #2 :

This is the second part (first part here) of the article about novel ways to create PDF files in Oracle Intelligent Advisor. In the previous article, we looked at an alternative to creating text-heavy PDF files, Anvil. We...Continue Reading

Intelligent Advisor Forms #1 : Anvil

OK, this post about Intelligent Advisor Forms is a bit of a weird one. But it comes about because of a series of discussions with an esteemed confrere on this subject. As we know, Oracle Intelligent Advisor comes...Continue Reading

OPA – BI Publisher in OPA 10

OPA – BI Publisher in OPA 10

In the previous post, we looked at some more standard ways to enhance the usability of the Web Determinations user interface. Our final post in this series will consider the importance of a feature introduced in the recent past,...Continue Reading

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