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Design Patterns : Creating Instances of an Entity

A chance conversation this week brought up another design pattern that is quite common. The request is a simple one - I want to ask the user in an interview to create some instances of an entity. There...Continue Reading

Create Mirror-Image Instances of an Entity – Relationships

Create Mirror-Image Instances of an Entity – Relationships

At least, with this chapter in our ongoing learning journey (see the earlier chapters in the links below this article) there is no real risk of someone misunderstanding the concept we are going to discuss today. It is...Continue Reading

OPA Entity Model Viewer 1.0

OPA Entity Model Viewer 1.0 Edit : 5/5/19 updated version available (see Shop for details) As many readers will know, I was a fan of the Oracle Policy Automation 10 feature which allowed you to visualise the entity...Continue Reading

Visualize the Data Model in Oracle Policy Automation 12

Visualize the Data Model in Oracle Policy Automation 12 One of the very few areas where I feel that Oracle Policy Automation 10 is slightly better than Oracle Policy Automation 12 is in the area of visualisations. You...Continue Reading

OPA 12 – It’s all in the Natural Language Text

OPA 12 – It’s all in the Natural Language Text

I suppose this article could have just as easily been about Oracle Policy Modelling 10 as well. But since I was teaching version 12 I decided to use it for the screenshots. I also was teaching a group...Continue Reading

OPA – Entities Adventures #6 Cross Entity Reasoning

Cross-Entity Reasoning Once again we return to the Cars and Mechanics in the mythical Workshop. The first part of this post will review the French version of the work done in the previous episode, and then we will...Continue Reading

OPA – Entities Adventures #5 Entity Functions…

Entity Functions Moving forward in our investigation of the Oracle Policy Modelling and the Entities we have created, we can now begin to leverage some of the common Entity Functions. Consider the following requirements For each car in...Continue Reading

OPA – Entities Adventures #4 Substitution and Screen Flows

The Workshop - Web Determinations Returning after a brief hiatus and some much-deserved sunshine, the Mechanic and the Workshop we have built in the previous episodes (1-2-3) is ready for cars. We will begin by adding some visuals to...Continue Reading

OPA – Entities Adventures #3 Entity Relationships…

Reference Relationships In the previous post we laid some groundwork for our Mechanic and Car Entities. Now we are ready to implement a couple of Reference Relationships. You can think of Reference Relationships as any relationship that is...Continue Reading

OPA – Entities Adventures #2 Question Screens…

Back to the Workshop So we return to our Rulebase with Mechanics and Cars. Eagle-eyed readers will see this is an adapted version of an exercise in the Policy Automation training course. The version we are using here...Continue Reading

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