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Table Headers : Tabular Layout Trick

Table Headers : Tabular Layout Trick Updated 18th March 2020 [Update Start Thanks to assiduous reader Steven Robert (see the comments) who reached out and pointed out some annoying side effects and  a requirement, now I get to...Continue Reading

Oracle Policy Automation Embed Website in Interview

Embed a Website in Container Extension in Intelligent Advisor A request to embed a website in container extension comes up quite often, at least often enough that I feel the need to mention it today. The example we...Continue Reading

Custom Entity Container with JavaScript Extensions Revisited

Assiduous readers will recall that we followed a series of adventures in Entity Container extension some time ago, from a basic tool that worked only in Debug Mode to a more interesting and robust concept that worked once...Continue Reading

JavaScript Extension Custom Header as a Timer in Oracle Policy Modelling

Note Since this JavaScript Extension Custom Header as a Timer article was written, another, richer version of this extension has been developed and released. It handles much more effective storing of the data and introduces nested tables for...Continue Reading

Policy Automation – Value Selections and jQuery

Value Selections and jQuery A question that often comes up during the Oracle Policy Automation Essentials I and II   training perhaps en route to certification,  concerns the limitations of the Web Determination user interface. In fact many questions...Continue Reading

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