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Multi-lingual Thoughts with Oracle Policy Modeling

This is another in our occasional series of posts (here is the previous one) that are based on conversations we have participated in, over on the Oracle Intelligent Advisor Public Forum. As a reminder, this forum is a...Continue Reading

Back to Basics 6 – Always Check your Parse

Back to Basics 6 – Always Check your Parse

Back to Basics 6 - Always Check your Parse This is of course connected to the previous remarks about constructing phrases with booleans or non-booleans. But I would like to take a moment to go a little further...Continue Reading

Natural Language in Oracle Policy Modeler- Missing Translations

One of the things that irritates me, and I am sure (since I ask) other people is the lack of support for natural language versions of some pretty basic functions. For example, in English you can write (this...Continue Reading

Expense Report – Les notes de frais (formation OPA)

Formation OPA - Les notes de frais En formation, il m'arrive souvent d'utiliser un modèle de donnes simple et très connu dans les différents exercices. Il n'est pas toujours utile, pédagogiquement parlant de construire un modèle d'entités très...Continue Reading

OPA 10 – Missing “It is currently known”

OPA 10 - Missing "It is currently known" in a non-English language This is an old one but it comes up now and again. Discussing with an Oracle Policy Modeler user (that was running Policy Automation in version 10.3) the...Continue Reading

OPA 12 – It’s all in the Natural Language Text

OPA 12 – It’s all in the Natural Language Text

I suppose this article could have just as easily been about Oracle Policy Modelling 10 as well. But since I was teaching version 12 I decided to use it for the screenshots. I also was teaching a group...Continue Reading

OPA – Entities Adventures #7 Scope in OPA …

Back to the Workshop! In this episode, we will look at the subject of cross-entity reasoning again to investigate some functions which we do not cover in the Policy Automation training. Firstly though, we need to talk about...Continue Reading

OPA – Entities Adventures #6 Cross Entity Reasoning

Cross-Entity Reasoning Once again we return to the Cars and Mechanics in the mythical Workshop. The first part of this post will review the French version of the work done in the previous episode, and then we will...Continue Reading

OPA – Entities Adventures #2 Question Screens…

Back to the Workshop So we return to our Rulebase with Mechanics and Cars. Eagle-eyed readers will see this is an adapted version of an exercise in the Policy Automation training course. The version we are using here...Continue Reading

Policy Automation 10 – Jargon Busting – Natural Language

Policy Automation 10 – Jargon Busting – Natural Language

A serious problem in the design of business rules of any kind, or the interpretation of existing legislation or jurisdiction is that most computer programs do not allow us to construct rules in a way that reflects Natural...Continue Reading

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