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Relationships – Containment Relationships

This article is the start of a new series for learners, about relationships, entities and other related functionalities in Oracle Intelligent Advisor. Containment Relationships are a good starting point since they are, generally, the first kind of structural...Continue Reading

TextArea JavaScript Extensions for Intelligent Advisor

In this article we are going to look at some of the commonest questions in respect of enhancing the TextArea - the Input Control used when the attribute is a longer text string - usually for a description...Continue Reading

Input Extensions – Input Validation

Input Extensions - Input Validation Following on from the recent posts about Errors and Input Extensions, this week we're going to look at input validation and error handling. Not, you will understand, error handling in the JavaScript sense...Continue Reading

Back to Basics : InferInstanceFor

Back to Basics : InferInstanceFor It's one of those functions that people often ask questions about. At first glance InferInstanceFor appears to be "just another one of those Instance functions". But it actually hides something very interesting. The...Continue Reading

Fun with Aliases and Strings #2

Fun with Aliases and Strings #2 Returning to the " Aliases and Strings"  theme of the previous post, where we looked into an example of String concatenation. Just a reminder, in the previous article you created the entity...Continue Reading

Infographics with Intelligent Advisor and Easelly #1

Infographics with Intelligent Advisor and Easelly Quick Links to this Easelly series : Part One / Part Two / Part Three Oracle Policy Automation and Easelly : Once in a while I come across something in the Internet...Continue Reading

Back to OPA Basics : Oracle Policy Modeling Features

Welcome to another in our periodic back to OPA basics series. At the moment I am watching a lot of new starters join a set of experienced developers. And funnily enough, both groups sometimes are stuck in their...Continue Reading

Calendar Black Out Dates with Control Extensions

Calendar Black Out Dates with Control Extensions The Website is always happy to hear from readers and learn about the things they are doing and trying to do. In this case, this article was inspired by our...Continue Reading

Excel as an Intelligent Advisor Data Connection #2

So, following on from the previous post in this "Excel as an Intelligent Advisor Data Connection" series, we have been investigating using Excel as both the Metadata and Data storage for a prototype Connection. The goal being that...Continue Reading

Excel as an Intelligent Advisor Data Connection

Excel as an Intelligent Advisor Data Connection? In the English-speaking world there is an expression about the month of March that I like very much : "Mad march hares" (referring to those big goofy rabbits-on-steroids that start running...Continue Reading

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