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From the Forum : Remainder Doesn’t Work (Anywhere!)

Ever wondered why Oracle Intelligent Advisor, and a myriad of other applications, don't calculate remainders properly? The Forum recently hosted a question about Remainder() errors that allowed us, in the response, to detail just why it does not...Continue Reading

Decision Service Result Caching in Test Cases – 23A MU1 New Feature

It always pays to keep an eye on the releases that come between the quarterly ABCD stuff. There are quite often some lovely enhancements or bug fixes that creep in. And 23A Monthly Update 1 (Your OPM in...Continue Reading

Whats New in Oracle Intelligent Advisor 22B – Article and Video

This week saw the public release of the newest version of Oracle Intelligent Advisor following the typical Oracle Cloud release scheme. Oracle Intelligent Advisor 22B, as it is known, has two really neat features including one that concerns...Continue Reading

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