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22A MU2 – Debug Unsubmitted Values

Following on from the previous post, here is another valuable feature in 22A MU2. If you've ever found yourself in the following situation with Unsubmitted Values, then the new 22A release has something for you! Consider the following:...Continue Reading

22A MU2 – Decision Services in French and Spanish

22A MU2 – Decision Services in French and Spanish

In case you missed it the second monthly update to 22A was released on 13 April 2022. Whilst many were preparing for Easter, Oracle was pushing out quite an important update. There are three main areas that have...Continue Reading

Oracle Intelligent Advisor 21D – What’s New?

The factory doors opened this week and the newest version of the Oracle Intelligent Advisor family was rolled out. This version, known of course as version 12D, or 12.2.25, or 48.0.0 depending on whether you are following the...Continue Reading

Landscape Mode in Version 10 / 12

This post about Landscape Mode is a continuation of a discussion that occurred recently on the Forum. We've often spoken about the usefulness of this forum and we will continue to do so. If you haven't already subscribed...Continue Reading

Whats New in Oracle Intelligent Advisor 21B MU2 : Statistics API

Whats New in Oracle Intelligent Advisor 21B MU2 : Statistics API

The next monthly update in the frenetic release pace of Oracle Intelligent Advisor provides administrative users and other team members involved in User Acceptance and User Behavior with a new capability. System integrators and other users can now...Continue Reading

21B Monthly Release 1 : Live Debug Decision Services

Following on from the excellent Oracle Intelligent Advisor Focus Group / Product Strategy Meeting for EMEA yesterday, where Turning Point, Panasonic and CNAF all gave pertinent and detailed explanations of how they use Oracle Intelligent Advisor in different...Continue Reading

getValueText() and opm.extension.config.json – A new File

For those who read the minutiae of online documentation, it will not have escaped notice that a new file has crept into the distribution for projects in version 21B. This file is only used in one specific scenario...Continue Reading

Oracle Intelligent Advisor 21B : Custom Events

Following on from the announcement of the release of Oracle Intelligent Advisor 21B and our article about the new capability to reference Decision Services in Oracle Policy Modeling, comes another article to discuss further new features. Both of...Continue Reading

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