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Siebel CRM as a custom Search source

Siebel CRM as a custom Search source This post is inspired by a conversation I've been having over the last few days with another OPA consultant (thanks Prashil!) . Although as it turned out, the requirement had nothing...Continue Reading

Whats New in Oracle Policy Automation 18B #2 Relationship Control Extensions

The main thrust of this post first came into my head when I was writing one of the recent Back to Basics posts about Relationships. And as if by magic, the Intelligent Advisor team went ahead and improved...Continue Reading

Oracle Policy Automation with Oracle Service Cloud #2

Oracle Policy Automation with Oracle Service Cloud Part 2 We are continuing our series of posts, with an explanation of how OPA Public Cloud, and the rulebases deployed there, can be used within the Oracle Service Cloud application....Continue Reading

Renderer – Siebel & Oracle Policy Automation 12

Renderer - Siebel & Oracle Policy Automation 12 Note: This article is a cross-post from my other "Home" the Siebel Hub. It addresses both Oracle Policy Automation and Siebel, so I figured I should post it here too. One...Continue Reading

OPA – Entities Adventures #3 Entity Relationships…

Reference Relationships In the previous post we laid some groundwork for our Mechanic and Car Entities. Now we are ready to implement a couple of Reference Relationships. You can think of Reference Relationships as any relationship that is...Continue Reading

OPA – Entities Adventures #2 Question Screens…

Back to the Workshop So we return to our Rulebase with Mechanics and Cars. Eagle-eyed readers will see this is an adapted version of an exercise in the Policy Automation training course. The version we are using here...Continue Reading

OPA – Entities Adventures – Setting up Entities

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Entities in Policy Automation One of the funnest parts of the Oracle Policy Automation Training which I regularly deliver are the "Entity" chapters. These chapters (sadly rather short, and positioned right at the end of the week, limiting...Continue Reading

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