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Internationalization – Beyond the Globe in Oracle Intelligent Advisor

A recent discussion on the Oracle Intelligent Advisor Forum (see this thread) touched once again on the subject of multilingual interviews and Internationalization. Most of us will have come across the Travel Compensation interview from the Example Projects...Continue Reading

The Question of Templates in Oracle Intelligent Advisor

In many CRM systems, we come across the idea of templates for certain kinds of data. Say you are creating Incidents or Service Requests, and you find yourself doing many of them, and many of the fields are...Continue Reading

From the Forum : Default Values to Make Concatenation Happen

Another snippet from our work in the Forum (since we are on vacation this week) to fill your days with Oracle Intelligent Advisor goodness. The question this time relates to the failure of a concatenation when one of...Continue Reading

From the Forum : Grouping Data into Meaningful Segments

Since we're away for a little bit of a late summer break, to keep you in the swing of things and fed with Oracle Intelligent Advisor "stuff" here is a nice use case and solution from the Oracle...Continue Reading

Checkpoint-Only Connector Example – Walkthrough

Sometimes we walk past something interesting in the street and we don't even know we've done it. The same is true with the online documentation for Oracle Intelligent Advisor. There is just so much good stuff in there,...Continue Reading

 Drag and Drop – Ask Me Anything April 2023 #2

 Drag and Drop – Ask Me Anything April 2023 #2

And so we return to finish the example from last time, the drag and drop educational scenario. As we left it, the basics were in place but there is still a fair amount of work to be done...Continue Reading

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