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10 ways to get the most out of substitution in Intelligent Advisor #1 – substitution in error and warning rules

So here goes with the explanation of how to use substitution in error and warning rules: as a result of a conversation in the Forum, we are starting a series called "Our top ten uses for substitution in...Continue Reading

Relationships – Containment Relationships

This article is the start of a new series for learners, about relationships, entities and other related functionalities in Oracle Intelligent Advisor. Containment Relationships are a good starting point since they are, generally, the first kind of structural...Continue Reading

Error() Rule triggering on a specific Screen

One of the most frequent questions that we come across is the one you can see, sort of, in the title of this article. Why do Error() rules fire seemingly without any connection to the interview experience? For...Continue Reading

Consultants Guide to JavaScript Extensions for Oracle Policy Modeling 2021

The latest release of the book that was formerly known as JavaScript Extensions for Oracle Policy Modeling has hit the virtual shelves. For the time being it is only available in eBook format and can only be ordered...Continue Reading

Video : Input Extensions for Interviews in Intelligent Advisor

In the second of our ongoing series (this was the first part) , the video at the end of this article tries to give a good overview of what an Input Extension is used for in an Intelligent...Continue Reading

Continuous Delivery – OPA and Postman, Newman and Jenkins #3

Continuous Development – OPA and Postman, Newman and Jenkins #3 Following on from the two previous episodes, (part one / part two) the stage is almost set to move to automation over and above the simple concept of...Continue Reading

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