Example Projects – Videos and Articles

If you use Oracle Policy Modelling and Oracle Intelligent Advisor, you may know that 25 example projects are provided for you to look at. The following links take you to discussions of each Example Project, and explanations of what they are demonstrating and how to extend them. Each article has a video to help you get to grips with the sample and learn how to extend and work with it. The goal is to provide another resource for learners, but also to guide people who are involved in perhaps positioning Oracle Intelligent Advisor – like sales or pre-sales personnel, or internal champions, who are looking for ways to demonstrate the power of the product and need to get started quickly.

As you can see the list below of Example Projects is currently underway, with a new one being documented and videoed approximately every 14 days. The list will be complete by the end of 2022, and all videos will be public on our YouTube Channel. If you have examples you would like to share, then please get in contact with us using the Contact form on this Website or using LinkedIn.

Articles covering the Example Projects

Overview Example Project Pages and B2BSimple Project

Business License Wizard

Copyright Permissions

DMV Document Guide

Emergency Response

Employee or Contractor

Energy Saver

Hazard Management

Health Diagnosis

Healthy Eating

Insurance Picker

Know your Customer

Loan Advisor

My Store App


Parental Leave Calculator

Path Finder

Patient Safety Incidents

Product Recommendations

Retail Discounts

Safety Inspection

Service Delta

Student Benefits

Travel Compensation


Articles Covering Example Decision Service Projects

Hazard Management

Account Risk Assessment

British Citizenship Eligibility

Doctor Fees

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