General Session: Next Generation of Customer Service [GEN1048]

General Session: Next Generation of Customer Service [GEN1048]

Awesome general session looking at the evolution of customer service, the evolution of humans (have you seen how kids use technology today?) and the evolution of channels.

The key theme was organic, knowledge driven customer service. There is so much out there but the next challenge will be to unify all the data, predict and automate decisions, and finally unlocking that tribal knowledge that we can call yelp, TripAdvisor and the masses of other human-driven sites in the data Cloud. What about all those power users out there : in fact most of us would say we are power users of the software we work with.

The demonstration with BeachBody and Directly was a fantastic example of this new concept of being able to systematically leverage the knowledge of the community.

The demonstration was in real time and showed the power of real-time  interaction with experts in the community. In the screenshot below you can see the key points. Chat (right hand side) within the customer portal (centre) handing off to the experts in the community, the expert (left hand side) getting pulled in to the chat with the customer, with Oracle Service Cloud remaining the system of record.

The second major element was , of course, the Internet of Things. For the first time I actually heard someone correctly describe what IOT really feels like today (suggestion, search for cheezoid on YouTube).

Laughs aside this was an AWESOME demonstration of how Contact Center, Policy Automation, Thingworks IOT, Knowledge articles, Commerce Cloud, Field Service all came together in a demo of automated service.

Then came the pièce de résistance : Pepper hooked up to all those components and actually automate the final pieces of the flow.

Virtual assistant, policy automation, commerce Cloud and marketing Cloud all fused together. Awesome demonstrations and a great light-hearted presentation team – but key concepts for any forward thinking company.



Author: Richard Napier

Richard Napier joined Siebel Systems in 1999 and took up the role of managing the nascent Siebel University in Southern Europe. He subsequently was Director of Business Development and Education for InFact Group (now part of Business & Decisions) for 8 years. He now runs Intelligent Advisor IT Consulting OÜ. Owner of, he also is Co-Founder of the Siebel Hub.

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