Version 12 / Version 10 Glossary

This Intelligent Advisor Glossary page attempts to provide a sort of glossary, or at least a beginning of a cross-reference, for people moving from version 10 to version 12. Readers are welcome to submit their own ideas by using the comments feature. The latest version of the documentation for 12 is to be found here. If you want us to add something or you have a query, contact the webmaster, or leave a comment on the Blog.

Version 10Version 12Notes
Project InterchangeProject Tab > Summary > Share a CopyZip File for sharing of Project
Source ControlHub Repository and Deployment VersioningSubversion no longer integrated
Default Folder StructureNo Extra Folders by DefaultNo external files (eg PDF files) in Folders allowed in 12.
Default Folder Location “projects”Default Folder Location “My Documents”Single Word document added
New Translation DocumentProject Tab > Languages > TranslationExcel Translation Files slightly changed
New What-If AnalysisProject Tab > Test CasesSingle Format Excel Test Cases in 12
New Screens FileInterview TabAn interview file still exists but no need to access directly. Rebuild Screens after migration.
New Visual Browser FileMindfusion Control no longer embedded in OPM. See Data Model Viewer.
New Test Script FileSingle Format Excel Test Cases in 12. Migrated from 10.
Add Module LinkInclusions functionality and Decision Services with server-side storage in Hub
Remove From ProjectDelete Item Button in Rules Tab (with short-term Undo)
Reports – Top Level AttributesData Tab > Filter Control in Top RightCan Find Reference Tags too
Reports – Base Level AttributesData Tab > Filter Control in Top RightNo reports in OPM 12. Use Search instead and Export.
Reports – Uncollected AttributesData Tab > Filter Control in Top RightNo reports in OPM 12. Use Search instead and Export.
Reports – Attributes Collected on Multiple ScreensNo reports in OPM 12. Use Search instead and Export.
Reports – Dependant Base AttributesData Tab > Filter Control in Top RightNo reports in OPM 12. Use Search instead and Export.
Reports – Screens
Reports – Untranslated TextReported in Project Tab > Languages if using Translations
Reports – Custom Properties
Reports – Inferred Screen Attributes
Reports – Test Script Coverage>= 20C use Test Case Statistics in Project Tab > Test Cases
Analyze Coverage File
View Attribute UsageRight Click  in OPM or Go To in Word and Excel Ribbon
View Build Model
View Attribute DependenciesDecisions Tab of Debugger or Right Click Attribute in Data Tab
Project Properties
Project Statistics
Edit VerbsProject Tab > Languages > Custom Verbs
Find Model AttributeFind Feature in OPM 
Find Document AttributesFind Feature in OPM 
Find ScreenFind Feature in OPM 
View Error ListErrors and Warnings Displayed in OPM directly in real time and after validation.
View Output Window
View Embedded Web Server Output
BuildDebug (F5) (output folder is still output)
Build and RunDebug (F5) (output folder is still output)
Build and DebugDebug (F5) (output folder is still output)
Build ModuleSee Inclusions 
Generate Commentary FilesAdd Commentary as HTML in Screens (Labels etc)Design Interviews
Tools > Clean Up Unused Attributes and Relationships
Tools > Compile All
Tools > Repair Attribute References
Tools > Update Templates
Options > Build Validation
Options > Embedded ServerSome Java Settings Available as startup options
Options > Environment Language UIUse –language parameter when launching OPM
Include Document in BuildDelete Item via Rules Tab Ribbon or Use Comments Format in Text
CompileValidateSmiley Face Icon Still 🙂
Add AttributeData Tab of Policy Modeling
Table LegendStill available as Styles in Word Style List
Silent OperatorNow in Data Tab > Double Click Attribute and Explanation Options
Invisible OperatorNow in Data Tab > Double Click Attribute and Explanation Options
HeadingsAvailable as Styles in Word Style List
CommentaryNo Commentary (Interview Tab > Add Label Control)Design Interviews
Strip HiddenBlank Line format removes all formatting
Confirm New AttributesView in Data Tab of Policy Modeling
Rule Properties
Attribute EditorView in Data Tab of Policy Modeling
Debug OptionsUnified Debugger for both Data and Interview and Decision Tree (F5)
Retain Debug Session DataReset Button in Debugger / Export Debugger SessionAlso can create Test Cases
Custom PropertiesAvailable on Screens and Screen Controls OnlyInterview Tab
2nd Person Sentence GenerationProject Tab > LanguageEnglish Only
Custom ControlsJavaScript Extensions API (see wide range of articles on this site, starting here)Custom Controls (old style) are available for limited set of controls and restricted compatibility
Screen FlowsScreen visibility logic and relevanceScreen Flows are not migrated. More about display logic.
BI PublisherProject Tab > FormsStill uses BI Publisher. Migration process.
Decision ReportsExplanationsNo standard Data Review screen.
& Symbol+ symbolFor rules involving text concatenation.
Input ValidationsData Tab > Double-click the Attribute and access Validation Options (RegEx etc)
CallCustomFunction ()No custom functions in 12. See JavaScript API.
Rule BrowserReplaced by the  right click in the Data Tab of OPM, or right click and View Attribute Usage in the Decision tab of the Debugger, or the Go To button in Word and Excel. 
Save SessionCheckpoints (which require a Connector) allow for the saving and reloading of session informationCheckpoint Technical Overview
Siebel Connector (and others)The Connector concept has been replaced by the open architecture of the Connector Framework (SOAP) and the Generic Integration Protocol (REST)Connector Framework
Generic Integration Protocol
Generic and Specific Assess WSDLsIn Version 12 only Generic is available
Interview ServiceStill available but deprecated for new tasks
Landscape ModeNo longer available. JavaScript Style Extension or CSS required.See this forum post.

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