Intelligent Advisor 10 to 12 Upgrade Workshop


This 2 day seminar introduces trainees to a complete, hands-on view of the Oracle Policy Automation 12 environment. Exercises and presentations detail the differences between the Intelligent Advisor 10 and 12 platforms. For more information, contact us here on the Website.


The seminar assumes no knowledge of Intelligent Advisor 12. Knowledge of Oracle Policy Automation 10 is assumed (either as a Project Manager, Rule Designer or Developer).


The target environment for this seminar is Intelligent Advisor 12 latest available version. Oracle Policy Automation 10 is also installed on this environment.


  1. Introduction to Intelligent Advisor
  2. Intelligent Advisor : Architecture Comparison
  3. Oracle Policy Modelling : Basic Principles and User Experience
  4. Oracle Policy Modelling: Attributes and Data Types in OPA 12
  5. Oracle Policy Modelling:  Using Functions : Changes and New Functions
  6. Oracle Policy Modelling:  Interviews – Comparing to OPA 10 and Assessing Impact
  7. Intelligent Advisor :  User Roles and Collections
  8. Intelligent Advisor :  About the Hub Application
  9. Oracle Policy Modelling:  Repository Uploads & Downloads
  10. Intelligent Advisor : Deployments & Activations
  11. Intelligent Advisor :  Testing Deployments using OPA 12 Testing
  12. Oracle Policy Modelling:  RTF and PDF Form Design in OPA 12
  13. Oracle Policy Modelling:  Advanced Controls and Styling in OPA 12
  14. Oracle Policy Modelling: Connections and Data Mapping
  15. Intelligent Advisor : Data Connection in 10 and 12 Deep Dive
  16. Oracle Policy Modelling: JavaScript Extensions
  17. Summary


The course materials provided are copies of all slides used, plus a copy of the best-selling Intelligent Advisor book the Consultants Guide to Intelligent Advisor.

Software Requirements

The students should attend with the latest (or agreed) version of Oracle Policy Modeling 12 installed on their laptops along with MS Word and Excel in supported versions. All other connectivity is provided during the class. For more Oracle Intelligent Advisor content, visit our YouTube Channel.

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