Intelligent Advisor Training Online

Module 2

Designed to be a focused, entertaining and practical way of getting training to help you work with Oracle Intelligent Advisor, these modules deliver the knowledge anyone needs to be operational, quickly. Think of it as the way to answer all those questions that come up once the product is purchased, when you or your team are sitting, wondering:

  • Where do we start?
  • What happens now?
  • How does my team get up to speed?
  • What’s this for?

The first six modules in the following list are available as virtual training (presenter, slides, live demonstration) for free. Other modules are available at very modest prices.

The first six modules of virtual trainer are free of charge. The presentation video and PDF are available for a small fee. The other modules include virtual trainer, presentation and PDF.

Easy Modules

TitleVirtual Trainer VideoPresentation VideoPresentation PDF
The PlatformThe Platform The PlatformThe Platform
Before you StartBefore you Start Before you StartBefore you Start
About ProjectsAbout ProjectsAbout ProjectsAbout Projects
Attributes and RulesAttributes and RulesAttributes and RulesAttributes and Rules
Entity Aggregation FunctionsEntity FunctionsEntity Functions
Basic InterviewsBasic InterviewsBasic Interviews
Improving InterviewsImproving InterviewsImproving Interviews
Entity InterviewsEntity InterviewsEntity Interviews
Deployment BasicsDeployment BasicsDeployment Basics
Users and PermissionsUsers and Permissions Users and Permissions 
CollaborationCollaboration Collaboration 
Command Line ToolsCommand Line ToolsCommand Line Tools
Inferring Entity InstancesInferring Entity InstancesInferring Entity Instances
Temporal ReasoningTemporal ReasoningTemporal Reasoning
Test CasesTest CasesTest Cases

Moderate Difficulty Modules

Introduction to Label ExtensionsVideo : Label Extension Overview in Intelligent Advisor
Introduction to Input ExtensionsVideo : Input Extensions for Interviews in Intelligent Advisor
Introduction to Options ExtensionsVideo : Option Extensions for Interviews in Intelligent Advisor
Temporal Reasoning 60 minutesTemporal Reasoning 60 Minutes Module Online Video Learning

The first 25 modules are now available in the Academy, with many more to come.

Online Training Available (Longer Courses)

Online Training Course Available  Consultant’s Introduction to Intelligent Advisor Part One  (11 Modules)

Online Training Course Available Consultant’s Introduction to Intelligent Advisor Part Two (11 Modules)

More Modules Due This Year

More modules are scheduled for release in 2021/ 2022 . If your company wishes to acquire a license to use the original high-resolution raw video files for your own internal learning programs, please reach out to Intelligent Advisor IT Consulting either on LinkedIn through our company page or through the contact link on this website. You can find details of our accompanying book the Consultants Guide to Oracle Intelligent Advisor here.

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