Oracle Intelligent Advisor Training

Intelligent Advisor IT Consulting OU is proud to provide a wide range of Intelligent Advisor and related training courses. With over 25 years professional training and mentoring experience, our aim is to provide the most comprehensive set of Intelligent Advisor training options anywhere.

Click on the tiles below to find out more about our training courses. If you have a specific need that you do not believe is covered in the courses below, please get in touch using the Contact menu and we will be happy to work with you to create a specific course content and duration to meet your needs.

Intelligent Advisor Training - Workshop
Intelligent Advisor Workshop

Intelligent Advisor Training - Video Workshop
Modular Video Training
Intelligent Advisor Training - JavaScript Workshop
JavaScript Extension Workshop
Intelligent Advisor Training -  Upgrade
Upgrade Workshop
Siebel Case Management Workshop
Functional Case Management Workshop
Siebel for IA Developers
Technico-Functional Siebel for IA Teams
Intelligent Advisor Training - Siebel and Intelligent Advisor Integration
Technical Integration Workshop
Decision Services Training

As the Intelligent Advisor product line grows in complexity and power, new and existing customers need training to understand how best to secure return on investment and improve user experience. Our training classes are suitable for a wide range of audiences from rule designers to JavaScript developers and Siebel configurators. For Intelligent Advisor consultants, the pace of change can be hard to keep up with and our training courses help maintain your positioning and expertise in the market.

Our Intelligent Advisor training courses are designed to be delivered in person or remotely via Web conferencing tools such as WebEx, Zoom or Teams. Each course is provided with course materials, a practice environment and quality presentations to guide the students through the learning process. The courses are all available in English or in French. Get the knowledge you need from experienced practitioners and experts. Our courses are all kept up to date with the latest changes to Intelligent Advisor ensuring your investment is wisely spent.

Intelligent Advisor IT Consulting has a range of books to help consolidate your experience and students attending these classes will receive a copy as part of their training package.

Intelligent Advisor IT Consulting Serving Customers Worldwide
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