Mantis Solutions OPA DB Connector : First Looks

Mantis Solutions OPA DB Connector

Mantis SolutionsThis week I was treated to a walk-through and initial demonstration by the Mantis Solutions team in Perth, Australia. Our virtual meetup spanned a large number of timezones and I am very grateful to Kris and the team for putting it together. I thought I would give you all some first thoughts before diving into a hands-on test with the environment they kindly put at my disposal.

Firstly my thoughts on the concept. For some time, the focus of Oracle Policy Automation has been in providing either specific connectors (as in, those supplied with Oracle Policy Automation version 10) or generic Web Service connectors (in the case of Oracle Policy Automation version 12) plus a few outliers like the In-Memory Analysis engineered solution which pretty much uses two connections.

But the Snap Poll survey we ran a few weeks ago highlighted something that I have been aware of, both in the field and the classroom :- there are plenty of Oracle Policy Automation customers out there who use, or intend to use, a database (Oracle, MySQL or whatever) as the source and target for their Connections, not necessarily an application. Sure, they could build their own connection – and that is of course supported – but there are plenty of situations where that is either out of scope, out of cost or simply not reasonable within the timeframe usually associated with a Cloud solution.

So, enter Mantis Solutions with their lightweight OPA DB Connector (link to product PDF) platform to create, map and manage connections to databases – any database that JDBC will support – that allows customers to get up and running with a Connection in no time at all. Their solution allows for centralized management of Database connections, as a Cloud service or On Premise application,  to get you operational faster and to help you keep your integration up to date easily.

For this first video, I focused just on showcasing the application and the ease with which you can build a Connection and have it operational in minutes. This is very appealing for all the reasons I listed above, but also for people like me who are called upon to do Proof of Concepts or prototypes and who need a very flexible solution.

You can contact Mantis Solutions for more information on their website. In the meantime here is the first of the videos:



Richard Napier

Author: Richard Napier

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