OPA 12 – November 2016 Release New Feature Review #4

OPA 12 – November 2016 Release New Feature Review #4

This is not so much a post reviewing functionality of the OPA 12 – November 2016 Release new features as a post reminding users of the newly upgraded version of Oracle Policy Automation that this upgrade may be slightly more engaging / slightly more time consuming than others, for two reasons. The first is the subject of this post, and the second will be covered in another article shortly. Remember that you can keep up to date with all the news about releases of Intelligent Advisor / Oracle Policy Automation by checking the official page – this is not version-specific and is a useful link to have : What’s New.

OPA 12 – November 2016 Interview Modes

As we discussed in an earlier post, the latest release offers two “Interview Modes”. Specifically on the Interview tab in the Styles button you can see a drop-down that illustrates the two options:

OPA 12 – November 2016 Interview Mode

The choice switches, not surprisingly, between the new and old Style Sheets in the Interview. But in fact, as you might have guessed, a lot more is at work here. To keep this post simple, I am going to allow myself another screen shot, this time from the documentation online of the November 2016 version of Oracle Policy Automation.

OPA 12 – November 2016 Custom Files

No More Custom HTML or CSS

Custom Controls, as many of you will know, are those little bits of static content in HTML, PHP files, CSS files and so forth that can be embedded in the Interview using a Label or Text Input set up as a Custom Control using the Interview Ribbon:

OPA 12 – November 2016 Custom Control

If you happen to have implemented one or more of these, perhaps to embed content that is developed or managed externally, then upgrading will need to be carefully analyzed for issues. That is because, in the November 2016 release, switching to the “Latest Version” interview mode will present the designer with the following error(s) if you have custom controls in your Project.

OPA 12 – November 2016 Error Interview HTML

In addition, if your project uses custom CSS files, to reformat value lists or any other item on your screens, you will also see the following error message:

OPA 12 – November 2016 Error Interview CSS

Planning Ahead

Therefore, if you are in Private Cloud and you have a migration path planned, don’t forget to add in the necessary time and effort to cover off these issues. There are several ways to handle it, basically:

  1. Stay in August 2016 mode for the time being
  2. Use the new advanced Image Button Group or Slider controls to replace any custom CSS work you might have done in that area
  3. Use the RuleScript feature to bring external JavaScript into your Project.
  4. Await the new JavaScript Extensions which are currently on the roadmap.

Richard Napier

Author: Richard Napier

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