Oracle Policy Automation May 2017 – New Features #3

Oracle Policy Automation May 2017 – New Features #3

Following on from the previous post, in this third video about the Oracle Policy Automation May 2017 New Features, we look briefly at the second capability of the JavaScript extension API. Yesterday I looked at custom styling, and today we look at custom rendering. Providing a more robust and upgrade-proof framework for customized interview experiences, it can be used to modify the behavior of labels, input boxes and other controls as well as major elements like the header or the navigation elements of the interview. There are a few examples of the new API in the Example Projects, but I found that they did not really explain to a neophyte how this works!

The API provides for several event handlers, to manage the life cycle of the DOM and your custom control renderer. In addition there are a raft of interesting Methods available to get property values such as the current value of the control, or the control type and so forth.

Oracle Policy Automation May 2017

The format of the JavaScript file will have a structure very similar to the previous example, essentially a JavaScript Object using a familiar notation. In future videos we will investigate further controls but in this first demonstration of the Oracle Policy Automation May 2017 New Features we will produce a custom renderer for the Labels in our interview.

In the example, we will use three of the four handlers available, and demonstrate how the API provides enough information to enable us to quickly add our rendering engine to the Interview.


You can find the YouTube Playlist for these videos here. The next post in this Oracle Policy Automation May 2017 series will look at the return of dynamic values in lists, as well as the (most welcome) capability to embed interviews in something other than an IFRAME. See you soon for more!

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