Oracle Policy Automation May 2017 – New Features #4

Oracle Policy Automation May 2017 – New Features #4

Following on from the previous post, in this third video about the Oracle Policy Automation May 2017 – New Features, we look at a functionality that is actually making a comeback. In Oracle Policy Modeling version 10, it was possible to hide or show values in lists (for example, a drop down control on an Interview Screen) based on a Boolean attribute value. This was shelved in version 12 but now it makes a welcome return in May 2017.

The functionality is easy to implement, and simply requires a Value List, a Drop Down control or similar, and some logic to power the decision whether to display a value or not. The display of each value, including uncertain can be powered by the same or a different Boolean attribute.

The functionality extends the Interview experience by allowing for a better user experience and an easier manner than jQuery or some such client-side smoke and mirrors to implement a state model or logical transition model within the Oracle Policy Modeling environment. The video that follows this article walks through a simple example and hopefully shows you the way. Catch up with the other tutorials and videos in this series in the links below

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The Walkthrough Video


Remember you can always get the most up-to-date information from the Intelligent Advisor documentation – the What’s New page linked here is a static url that redirects to the most recent version, and shows the details of all versions right up to today.

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