Intelligent Advisor and Siebel CRM Integration Training

Intelligent Advisor and Siebel CRM Integration Training Background:

This one day seminar or web seminar is designed to provide Oracle Siebel CRM and Intelligent Advisor technical and techno-functional personnel with the high and low level view of the integration between the two applications.


The seminar requires a working knowledge of typical Siebel configuration tasks and a basic knowledge of the Siebel CRM architecture in respect of integration (Integration Objects, Web Services). A knowledge of the Intelligent Advisor Hub and the basic principles of Oracle Policy Modelling are also required.


The target environments for this seminar are Siebel Innovation Pack 16/17+ and Oracle Intelligent Advisor / Policy Automation 12.2.x. In addition, some overview content discusses the Oracle Policy Automation 10.x integration and the Siebel Innovation Pack 15 integration. Some overview content uses the Oracle Policy Automation REST API introduced in 2017. This course can also be run for customers using Siebel 18/19/20/21.


  1. Introduction
  2. Prerequisites and Setting Up for the White Paper
  3. Working on the Metadata Connection
  4. Building a Load Connection and Testing it in SOAP UI
  5. Implementing Load in Siebel
  6. Building a Submit Connection and Testing it in SOAP UI
  7. Implementing Submit with Siebel
  8. Implementing and Testing SetCheckPoint and GetCheckPoint
  9. Answer and Assess Web Services, REST Services
  10. Tackling Enumerations
  11. Conclusions

The course materials provided are copies of all slides used, plus recorded videos of all technical content in streaming format.

Oracle Policy Automation and Siebel CRM Integration Training Calendar:

For more information, contact this Website via the menu, or email us directlyCette formation est également disponible en français (support en langue anglaise).

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