Oracle Policy Automation : Things I wish I had known…

Oracle Policy Automation / Intelligent Advisor : Things I wish I had known…

I’m really pleased to say that the team at P8 Tech have helped me wrap up the forthcoming Getting Started With Oracle Policy Automation and the book has now gone onsale from a variety of online bookstores. I sincerely hope that it helps people get familiar with the Oracle Policy Automation family (Modeler, Mobile, Hub) in a fun and interactive way, to prepare them for their training, their job or their certification examination. It is available in paper or PDF format.

In the spirit of “Things I wish I had known …?” I thought it might be fun to highlight the sort of content you can expect to find in the book. The Book is, in my humble opinion, a great self-study tool for anyone getting into the product, or who is waiting for / coming out of their Oracle University Training. And the title pretty much says it all. Of course the book tries to get rid of these hindrances, and many many more as well.

Update : Books Now Available

You can find out more on the official Consultants Guide to Intelligent Advisor book page (renamed for 2020 and with a bundle of new content). Of course this website continues to cover everything relating to Intelligent Advisor / Policy Automation, and indeed since this post was originally created we’ve brought out another Book specifically dealing with JavaScript Extensions for Policy Modeling. Between these books and the hundreds of posts on here, the myriad examples (Zip, PDF, Videos and more) that you can find in the Shop we like to think we have the largest site dedicated to Intelligent Advisor bar none.

Updated : Training Options

As Oracle University moves away from in-person learning and struggles to provide relevant, up to date content for Intelligent Advisor, this site now offers a wide variety of learning content : short courses, long courses, examples and much more in what we are calling the Online Academy. We also provide in person and live virtual courses!

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Richard Napier

Author: Richard Napier

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