The Consultants Guide to Oracle Intelligent Advisor Decision Services

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Consultants Guide to Oracle Intelligent Advisor Decision Services is aimed at consultants and rule authors looking to leverage the new web-authoring platform to create standalone and referenced services with agile modification processes and integration with Oracle Policy Modeling.


The latest book in the Consultants Guide to Oracle Intelligent Advisor series, looks at the latest addition to the platform – the web authored Decision Services concept.

Learn the web-authoring interface and capabilities and the use cases for Decision Services, either standalone or referenced by Oracle Policy Modeling. Decision Services are evolving rapidly and present a new editing, management and deployment paradigm.

The skill set required for Decision Services maps well on to the second element of the web-authoring platform (Oracle Intelligent Advisor Flow Engine API). Consultants investing in Decision Services will be ready and ahead of the curve for Flows.

Covers the following subjects:

  • Contracts
  • Rule Documents
  • Rules and Functions
  • Object Lists
  • Filtered Lists
  • Table Rules
  • Testing and Execution
  • Integration with Oracle Policy Modeling
  • Example Projects
  • Integration with Visual Builder

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