Oracle Intelligent Advisor Custom Header Extension

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This JavaScript extension is a combination of a Custom Header, Custom On Events, Custom Container Extensions and a Custom Label Extension that displays live output provided by the user navigating, showing execution times and time spent in the Interview Screens.

This example extension is a combination of a Custom Header Extension and a Custom Label Extension that displays output provided by the Header. The goal is to display timing data to show how long the user takes to complete an interview and to read or complete each individual screen of data.

Oracle Intelligent Advisor specialists will know that data relating to executions, time spent on Screens and so forth is available from within the Oracle Intelligent Advisor Hub, however this is not always accessible to those testing the application, and in any case this data is available only after the completion of the Oracle Intelligent Advisor session. The example shown here, purely for educational purposes, shows how to gather some live data in the Browser and to display it in a readable format, and offer it for download / copy and paste directly from the Oracle Intelligent Advisor Interview.

The original idea that triggered the creation of this example Header Extension is referenced in this discussion article. Since that original article, the project has been revisited in another article and the project expanded to take advantage of the many new features that have been added to the product since then:

  • On Event Extensions help capture navigation data
  • Nested Tables allow for a richer set of data including entry and exit timestamps for each visit
  • The Header Extension is still required to track the initial arrival in the Interview since the On Event extensions do not detect that.

It looks like this in the latest version:

The latest article on the subject of these extensions is on the linked page. A short video below shows the result:


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