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An example of a simple Custom Options Extension in Oracle Intelligent Advisor, filtering the available values according to user choices in the Interview Screen.

This simple Custom Options Extension demonstrates how to use the Custom Options and filtered arrays. In the example, the drop-down list of choices is filterable by the end user with a slider control. Adjusting the slider control removes or adds values to the drop-down accordingly.

This method relies upon the fact that custom Options (and indeed standard Options) controls all use an array of objects to store the data to be displayed to the end user. In the array of objects, each object typically contains only a text and a value property. In the demonstration, the Options are given another property and this property is the basis of the filtered results.

The custom options example, which is referenced in the linked article, is one of several available for educational purposes on this site. It looks at how the getOptions() method can be used to obtain the list of options, and how a dynamic approach can result in populating options lists on the fly. This simple example uses countries and towns and a simple JSON object in the code, so you can see easily how it is populated. Once you have understood this mechanism, you will be well placed to build your own more sophisticated Custom Options Extension.

Custom Options  Extension Example

If you are interested in the topic, here are two other examples of more complex usage in the online store / with accompanying articles listed in the product description (there are many others in our article library, searchable from the main page of our site). :

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