Custom Search Extension with CSS Progress Bar

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Custom Search Extension with CSS Progress Bar showing how to improve the User Experience of the Custom Search for Intelligent Advisor Interviews.

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This code example is a simple custom Search extension calling a REST API (you will have to either use your own search or apply for a free test API Key from the provider in the demonstration Search) and a custom CSS Progress Bar in the commit key to demonstrate how to inform the user of any post-processing that may be required. The example uses a free API and the URL to open a free account for testing purposes is included in the Zip Archive.

Custom Search Extension Progress Bar

The article that accompanies this custom search extension can be read by following this link. A video is provided to demonstrate both the expected end result and the structure of the extension code. The Zip Archive contains the example shown and includes the CSS and JS files.

The official on-line help relative to Custom Extensions can be found on the Oracle Intelligent Advisor documentation site.

If you are new to custom Searches or custom extensions in Oracle Intelligent Advisor, check out the following articles and videos:

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