Intelligent Advisor Google Maps JavaScript Extension Example


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Google Maps using the Intelligent Advisor JavaScript Extension API

Google Maps JavaScript Extension Example

Learn how to build a simple Intelligent Advisor JavaScript Extension and display a map in your Project. This example builds a label control and turns it into a map with a clickable marker.

The Google Maps example referenced in this blog post. This example (there is a Zip project file in the downloadable content, suitable for 19C and later) uses a simple two Screen project to collect basic information and then display it on a Google Map. It leverages the built-in location collecting capability of the Interview in Intelligent Advisor, and of course the JavaScript API to build a Map using a Google Maps standard API call. The information used in the project is displayed in a simple Marker which will appear when clicked.

This is one in a small series of Google Maps related projects – you may be interested in Google Places API and Google Maps as an Input Control. Alternatively, if your project does not intend to use Google Maps, consider the Leaflet / MapBox example which does not require a Google Maps API Key.

Please remember that the Google Maps license key in the PDF file and in the Project will not work for you. It is bound to certain IP addresses and domains. You will need to get your own.

Please remember that projects like this one are debugged more easily in the browser. To run a debug in the browser, click Ctrl+F5 in place of the usual Debug Button.