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Get a head start with the Decision Services platform in Oracle Intelligent Advisor. Learn about the Decision Services concepts and get valuable practical examples in this Decision Services Training.

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This Decision Services Training will explain in detail how to create Decision Services and how to link to them in Oracle Policy Modeling. To be able to follow the exercises relating to reference creation, you will need to be running a version of Oracle Policy Modeling no earlier than 21D. Likewise you will need a Hub to be able to create the project for your Service.

These features represent a new departure for Oracle Intelligent Advisor as a platform. In the drive towards the Cloud and in recognition of the need to provide solutions for customers looking for new ways to manage certain types of decision, the Decision Service is the beginning of a whole new chapter…

Summary Decision Services Training

  1. Introduction / What is a Decision Service
  2. Differences to Oracle Policy Modeling
  3. How-to : Contract Creation
  4. How-to : Modeling Rules
  5. How-to : Modeling Table Rules
  6. How-to : Using Live Mode
  7. How-to : REST API
  8. How-to : Objects and Scope in Blocks
  9. How-to : Creating a Reference in Oracle Policy Modeling
  10. How-to: Testing References in the Debugger and Test Cases
  11. Versions in Decision Services
  12. Use Cases for Decision Services
  13. Summary and into the Future…
  14. Updates from 22C
Decision Services - Example

Total Video Time : 4 hours and 5 minutes presentation with lots of live walk-through.

Copies of slides are supplied in PDF format and can be accessed from the link on last lesson page. This Decision Services Training was recorded in Q2 2022 and represents the product at that time. In the event of any major changes, a supplementary presentation will be added to this course, as was the case in 22C. You can read the most up-to-date documentation for Decision Services online at the usual address. This course accompanies the Consultants Guide to Oracle Intelligent Advisor Decision Services due in 2023.

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Decision Service Reference
Decision Services Reference in Oracle Policy Modeling


Successful completion of the Decision Services Training will earn an Open Badge that you can store and share to prove your expertise.

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