Introduction to Oracle Intelligent Advisor Part One

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Online learning access to the Introduction to Oracle Intelligent Advisor Part One training course. Get up to speed and enjoy the process of learning about Oracle Intelligent Advisor, covering everything you need to know in order to get started on your learning journey. 

Course Details

The aim  of this course Introduction to Oracle Intelligent Advisor is to give any brand new starter the confidence to feel they are an active part of the Oracle Intelligent Advisor project team, and that they understand the core principles of working with Oracle Intelligent Advisor. The course is broken up into eleven discrete modules, to enable you to watch them without getting too tired or bogged down in details that are not important right now.

They include demonstrations, discussions and slides to reinforce concepts. The goal here is to engage, get you up and running and not to worry about jargon or complex scenarios at this stage. No experience is necessary, although if you have a rough idea of what sorts of things people generally use Oracle Intelligent Advisor for, that helps a little, obviously. If you or your team are looking for more ideas to help mobilise your organization behind Oracle Intelligent Advisor, you can take a look at our Infographic How to Accelerate Adoption of Oracle Intelligent Advisor.

Combine with Book or eBook

This Introduction to Oracle Intelligent Advisor course can be easily built into an onboarding program for any new starter. The other courses in the Academy take the student further in their learning program and build on these initial chapters. The chapters also combine logically and practically with the Consultant’s Guide to Oracle Intelligent Advisor book for a complete learning experience.

Examples to Work Through

These Oracle Intelligent Advisor – Introduction to Intelligent Advisor training modules use a number of example projects, and to help the student follow along, copies of useful and relevant backups can be downloaded after purchase. By following each of the examples and working through the steps, the student builds confidence and understanding. The presentation (optionally purchased as PDF files) and videos serve as dynamic and entertaining tools to get to grips with the new concepts.

Modules in the Introduction to OracleIntelligent Advisor Part One


Successful completion of the training will earn an Open Badge that you can store and share to prove your expertise.