Intelligent Advisor JavaScript Entity Collect Extension Control


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This is the code example to accompany the post about Custom Entity Collect here. This project requires jQuery and jQuery UI.

This is the code example to accompany the post about Custom Entity Collect Extension here. Please note  this example was never intended to be a fully fledged Collect. Although it does, on a basic level, function, it was primarily designed to show the different techniques, issues and problems that you are likely to encounter when building one. It is also a great way to learn some of the undocumented objects and methods that are available to developers.

Entity Collect Extension

If you are interested in a complete working Entity Collect, buy the Oracle Policy Modeling JavaScript Extensions book. The official documentation can be found on the Oracle Intelligent Advisor website.

Please note that the PDF converter is not perfect, and adds weird characters   / extra spaces which can ruin things. The JS file in the ZIP is probably a good place to check / compare. The PDF file is just added for reference. Note that the current version will not display correctly in the Debugger due to it’s limitations (it uses IE11) so you will need to launch the Custom Entity Collect Extension with Ctrl+F5 to open it in a real browser window.

Edit January 2022 : Upgraded, removed old URL and replaced it, verified various bits

Edit December 2019 : Upgraded Zip to 19c, edited a few spelling  mistakes.

Edit May 2019 : Handles button display according to Screen property.

Edit December 2018 : Enabled Value Lists and Screen Lists, Date Time Attributes.

Edit November 2018 : Did a little more work. Fixed the delete button to both delete the instance from the Control and remove the row from the visuals. Added a basic project to the downloads.

Edit August 2018 : PDF file re-uploaded due to error.