Demo Project – Drag And Drop Ask Me Anything Example

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A simple educational example of a Drag and Drop feature to allow the user to select instances of an entity in a fun way.

This is the code example to accompany the post series discussing the subject of Drag and Drop – the ability to use this method to select entity instances. This example uses custom Containers – one for the drag and one for the drop zone. Other custom extensions provide the draggable and droppable code, as well as managing navigation back and forward from the drag and drop Screen. You can also use the dragged items by deleting them which automatically deselects the relevant entity instance.

The example is purely educational and the code is very quickly written with lots of copy and paste. The idea is simply to prove that there is a means to do this, and the cleanup of the code is beyond the scope of the discussion. The example Zip is used in the video that accompanies this post series so you can pick up the content and work with it / adjust it according to your own educational needs.

The series of articles begins at this location – drag and drop example part one. For more information about the draggable and droppable widgets, see jQuery UI. Visit our YouTube Channel for more videos and content for Oracle Intelligent Advisor.