JavaScript Search Extension – Basic Example

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A very simple, fully functional demonstration of the JavaScript Search Extension for Oracle Intelligent Advisor interviews. Includes commented code to help you learn and adapt the code to your requirement.

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Sometimes the simplest example is the most eloquent. This Search Extension uses a very simple publicly available JSON server to demonstrate how to use the JavaScript Search Extension in Oracle Intelligent Advisor.

The code is full of console logging, to demonstrate the execution of the code and to help you understand what happens and in what order it happens. This example covers the search and commit plus the callback. If none of that is making sense to you, we recommend you try the Code Generator for JavaScript Extensions in Oracle Intelligent Advisor. It helps you generate working code that you can build on. It also comes with a downloadable PDF which details all the different extension types include the Search, and explains how they work.

JavaScript Search Extension - Basic Example

The Search Extension was first discussed in this  example referenced from a 2017 article. Since that article was written, the Search Extension has remained static in form and function. Many other JavaScript Extensions have been added and similar functionality can be achieved in many ways, for example using the Interview Extension Connection type in the Oracle Intelligent Advisor Hub through a method called interview.fetch(). Here are some more articles related to JavaScript Search Extensions and similar concepts in the Extension architecture.

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