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Intelligent Advisor – About Projects

Projects are the structure around which a rule author can build their policy model. But a project is a lot more than that – depending on your policy model it might be the home for interactive interviews, dynamic PDFs generated for the end user, and of course many other things that make Intelligent Advisor the powerful platform that it is today. This module discusses the role and components of Intelligent Advisor projects – and how these files are part of the wider picture.

The About Projects module covers everything a new user needs to know about them, but also – and perhaps just as importantly – how they fit into the Intelligent Advisor environment and the ecosystem beyond. The module has a series of presentation slides to cover the concepts, reinforced with demonstrations using the latest version of the software.

The video included can be displayed as full screen. Customers wishing to obtain the high-resolution master video files for their own internal training programs should contact the OPA Hub Website using the Contact option from the menu, alternatively reach out to our company page on LinkedIn.

Training - Module 3
Module – Projects investigates and clarifies what is in a Project in Intelligent Advisor