Intelligent Advisor : Attributes and Rules


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Online learning access to the Oracle Intelligent Advisor –  Attributes and Rules

Course Details

OPA Hub Website Academy – Intelligent Advisor : Attributes and Rules

This module, either as part of the complete learning package or on it’s own, will give the viewer important information about how to best approach working with Attributes and Rules. The module will show, with slides, demonstrations and discussion, how these elements are the building blocks for policy modeling. A good grounding will allow the rule author to progress more rapidly and efficiently.

This module will introduce the different kinds of attributes, their roles and how they come together to help build rules using the innovative constrained natural language approach of Intelligent Advisor. The examples demonstrate how to avoid common pitfalls and to confidently build good projects by making the right choices for attribute type, text and other properties.

The module will also introduce concepts used in further modules. This module is also part of our larger offering, the Consultants Introduction to Intelligent Advisor Part One.

Combine with Book or eBook

This module can be easily built into an onboarding program for any new starter. The other courses in the Academy take th student further in their learning program and build on these initial chapters. The chapters also combine logically and practically with the Consultant’s Guide to Oracle Intelligent Advisor book from P8 Tech Publishers for a complete learning experience.

Customers can also optionally purchase access to the raw high resolution video from the studio recording to include in their own internal programs. Contact the OPA Hub Website for more information.

Examples to Work Through

The modules in this series sometimes use example projects and where appropriate they are provided – to help the student follow along, copies of useful and relevant backups can be downloaded after purchase. By following each of the examples and working through the steps, the student builds confidence and understanding. The presentation (optionally purchased as PDF files) and videos (90 day access)  serve as dynamic and entertaining tools to get to grips with the new concepts.