Intelligent Advisor – Getting Ready


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Online learning access to the Oracle Intelligent Advisor –  Before You Start

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Intelligent Advisor – Getting Ready

Before you start working with Intelligent Advisor, it’s best to get off on the right foot. So this chapter aims to set the scene and generally fill in some important background information. It’s good for anyone who is just starting out with Intelligent Advisor and who wants to see how easy it is to work with the product.

In this chapter you will learn about the Word settings that can help you work more easily with Intelligent Advisor, and you will see the basic components of rule writing in action, and get a bit more familiar with the kind of dialogs and messages you are likely to see as you work.

In addition, you will learn some good practices to avoid your Intelligent Advisor projects becoming spaghetti and being hard to read. The demonstrations will show the Word user experience and the Policy Modeling interface.

Intelligent Advisor : Before You Start
Intelligent Advisor : Before You Start

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