Intelligent Advisor – Collaboration


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Intelligent Advisor – Collaboration

Building on the concepts of the previous module, this 36 minute Module explains the features of collaboration of Oracle Intelligent Advisor, including the working of Upload and Download, Conflicts and Warnings when working with Projects as well as Inclusions. A walk-through demonstration shows the examples in real life situations.

In this chapter we also look at the day to day impact of the Intelligent Advisor Collaboration features with some example scenarios that may crop up. This chapter was recorded on the new User Interface introduced in 2019 with the tiled front page and more responsive layout. The book titled Consultant’s Guide to Intelligent Advisor covers both the old and new user interface as it is still in production in some customers. We also discuss the good and less good sides of managing these features including Inclusions. Above all we focus on useful knowledge rather than exhaustive lists of functionality that probably will not apply to most people. We want you to be able to get started quickly and effectively with Collaboration.

The demonstration will show you how projects and their rule documents and objects are created and managed within the Policy Modeling application and how collaboration helps work together as a team. The demonstration also shows some of the warning and error messages related to collaboration. The behaviour is common to both Public and Private Cloud Intelligent Advisor installations. For Public Cloud, Collaboration is an optional feature.

The Module Contains Full Screen Slides, Demonstrations and Commentary