Intelligent Advisor – The Platform


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Online learning access to the Oracle Intelligent Advisor – The Platform

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Intelligent Advisor – The Platform

A fifteen minute overview of the Intelligent Advisor platform – the different components, the software, the concepts and the consumers. Get started with the right level of detail.

When you first start working with Intelligent Advisor, it is probably not that clear eaxctly how it all fits together. So this module, either as part of an online learning package or on it’s own, aims to explain what is actually meant by Intelligent Advisor – what are the component parts of the platform and the different connections between them?

The platform contains both client-side (on your computer) and server-side (either hosted by Oracle or by your own organization) elements, not to mention all the other pieces that come into play – your connected applications, mobile users, chat clients and all the other pieces of the Intelligent Advisor universe.

This module aims to clarify all of this, so that you can start work in a better state of mind, knowing where the work you are going to do – whether you work on the platform as a rule author or an administrator, developer or something else.

Training - The Platform
This video contains demonstrations and slides to reinforce the content.

The video below can be displayed as full screen. Customers wishing to obtain the high-resolution master video files for their own internal training programs should contact the OPA Hub Website using the Contact option from the menu, alternatively reach out to our company page on LinkedIn.