Intelligent Advisor – Users and Permissions


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Intelligent Advisor – Users and Permissions

In this module, the concepts of Users and Permissions in the Intelligent Advisor Hub and the Oracle Policy Modeling application are explained, and combined with the key notions of Roles, Workspaces, API Clients and other administrative features to give a good grounding in the basics of how the platform enables multiple users to work on a project, without giving too much unnecessary detail for new starters. These concepts will be expanded upon in other modules.

In this module we also look at the big picture behind Workspaces, Permissions and Roles – the workflow from Rule design to project deployment. This chapter was recorded on the new User Interface introduced in 2019 with the tiled front page and more responsive layout. The book titled Consultant’s Guide to Intelligent Advisor covers both the old and new user interface as it is still in production in some customers. The names of certain Roles have changed in the recent past, and the materials discuss these changes. Links are provided to the complete functionality matrix.

The demonstration will show you how Users and Permissions are created and managed within the Intelligent Advisor Hub application and how they relate to the Policy Modeling application. These features are common to both Public and Private Cloud Intelligent Advisor installations.

Users and Permissions Module 12
The Module Contains Full Screen Slides, Demonstrations and Commentary