RuleScript Example with Google Maps

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This is part of the RuleScript example series. It was also used in the series about Postman, and other posts throughout the site.

RuleScript Example

This file implements Dijkstra’s Algorithm in RuleScript. Based on the example here. This approach can be used only in Projects that have RuleScript enabled. The project uses Google Maps for route display as an optional final Screen. No external call is required to calculate the journey steps and duration. All data is stored in Excel tables.

Updated October 2020 : Now contains all Metro stops (as of today) and all interconnections (subject to errors in my data entry) as well as GPS coordinates for all stations (may have some incorrect data, I’ll edit as I spot them). I’ve added an extra Screen therefore to use Google Maps to plot the journey. Of course you will need your own Google Maps key for this extra Screen to work – my key is domain-bound so it won’t work for you.

I am also aware that RuleScript is not only experimental but also no longer suggested as a good option for new projects but this is an interesting case study and a fine example of the power and flexibility of Intelligent Advisor.

Here is an animated GIF of the walkthrough.